Motor Insurance - Alarming amount of Glass claims

According to the German Insurance Association (German: GDV), with more than 2 million reported claims, glass breakage on passenger vehicles was the most frequent cause of Partial Casco reimbursement for motor insurance in 2021.

Also, not only was glass breakage the most frequent, but with around 1.43 billion Euros the most expensive reason for settlement.
A further concern for insurers is that although reported claims have actually declined (2016: 2.262 million vs. 2021: 2.019 million), costs have increased immensenly from 911 million Euros in 2016 to 1.43 billion Euros in 2021. Averaging just above 700€ per claim, this is an alarming increase to the average 400€ in 2006!

To put this in perspective, in the same year "Storm, Lightning & Hail" damages produced reimburseable costs of 1.067 billion Euros, yet reason why claims drippled and costs quadrupled was due to one event - a cyclone called "Bernd". Prior to 2021 only 131,000 bad weather claims were reported.

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