The main reason why we should consider investing our money in a personal accident insurance is to receive financial means in the event of severe injury, illness and to disburden our family/ relatives in the sad event of fatality, as a consequence of either.

Although living in Germany employed people are insured by German Statutory Accident Insurance, the benefits are not comparable to a private plan and cover only applies whilst the person is at work or on direct route from and to such. Moreover, as the chance of experiencing an accident during leisure time is much higher than during working hours, taking this matter in our own hands is the wiser approach.

General Benefits

How the premium is calculated

The insurers calculate the premium based on the person’s age & job, the insured sum and additional benefits.

Professions are grouped into risk-groups, for example:
A clerk who sits behind a desk will pay a lot less than a crafts- or professional sportsperson, whereas inter alia roofers, demolition experts or Stuntmen are usually denied a policy.

Additional Benefits